Chimney Cleaning and Vent Cleaning Can Keep Your Home Safe

A chimney clean is someone who cleans soot and ash from chimneys to ensure their safety. The chimney utilizes the force of an active column of hot gas drawing warm air above the burning coals or wood to generate an updraft and draw warm air above the top of the flue or chimney. Modern chimneys can also contain many ventilation changes of movement. These vent changes are responsible for different levels of air flow within a chimney. It's up to the chimney sweep to be alert to changes in the flue so as not to cause a fire.

The best time for chimney cleaning is in the early morning hours when air is cooler and moisture is higher. Also, be sure to clean from the inside of the flue by using a flexible brush. Never clean from the outside of the flue as the large crevices and cracks from the exterior can be difficult to access and clean safely. A flexible brush can reach these areas and remove the debris without damaging the walls and roof of the chimney. For the inside of the flue, use a scraper to remove large crevices and dents that may have occurred from firing.

Using a pressure washer to clean out the crevices of a chimney can help loosen and remove sediment from the crevices. This sediment can also get caught in some of the smaller vents located inside and around the chimney. When using a pressure washer, the sweep brush of the unit can be used to scrub away the sediment. A high-pressure air rinse and a scrubbing compound can help remove any residue left from the cleaning operation of top rated chimney cleaning in mississauga.

After the chimney cleaning is complete, it will be time to check the condition of your chimney crown. If you find any flaking or discoloration in the mortar liner or flue pipe, it may be necessary to replace it with a different material. If the mortar has cracks or holes, it may need to be repaired prior to painting or staining the outside of your chimney. The holes and cracks may get filled with mortar mix and need to be treated as well. Visit for helpful facts.

Once your chimney is cleaned and you have finished chimney cleaning, you can often see more birds landing on your roof! Chimney sweeping and vent cleaning will help to keep the outside of your house clean and safe for birds and other small animals. A clean chimney helps to reduce the risk of an animal dying or getting hurt because of smoke from your stove getting into their home.

A clean chimney helps to keep your house safer from fires. Fires that start due to creosote buildup or other issues are often caused by poorly maintained chimneys or flues. Regular chimney cleaning and inspection can also prevent insect infestations inside your home. If an infestation does occur, the right number one chimney cleaning in mississauga can often take care of the problem with little cost or hassle on your part.

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